Timber Sashless Windows

Hand-crafted to provide uninterrupted views, perfect for contemporary designs

Teal timber sashless double hung windows offer a clean minimalist look. Sashless windows are perfectly suited to today’s modern home. Teal timber sashless windows can be used in new or existing buildings with great ease.

Hidden powder coated aluminium guides are fitted to the timber frames allowing unobstructed viewing. Keyed locks can be set to variable locking positions. Teal can supply the window as double glazed units or other high-performance glass can easily be supplied.


  • Keyed lock fitted.
  • Fully weather sealed.
  • Superior ease of operation.
  • Aluminium guides come in a variety of standard colours.


  • Variable lock position.
  • Sill extensions if required.
  • Custom powder coat colours.
  • Custom variations & designs.
  • High-performance glass, eg, double glazed units, Low-E etc.
  • External timber or aluminium insect screens in a variety of mesh.
  • Sashless double hung windows can also be fitted to doors.
  • Insect screens can be fitted to completely cover the outside of the window.
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