Timber Louvre Windows

Easy to use, easy to maintain, superior ventilation

Teal louvre windows sleek and stylish look along with its versatility makes it a very popular choice. When fully open louvres offer almost complete air flow and can easily be adjusted to control air flow.

Teal offers a comprehensive range of louvre blades including glass, wooden and aluminium. Aluminium blades can be clear anodised, powder coated or timber grained powder coated.

The louvres are strong and come in a wide range of colours which can mix and match with other windows from the Teal range such as fixed lights, double hung and sliding windows. Louvres are often used in architectural and heritage applications.


  • Louvre galleries fitted into rebated jambs for extra strength and weatherproofing.
  • Great range of standard colours to choose from.
  • Rebate on the outside of jamb ready for the screen.
  • Maximum ventilation.


  • Custom colours.
  • High-performance glass.
  • Sill extension if required.
  • Bandit resistant steel bars.
  • Custom variations and designs.
  • A key lock can be fitted for extra security.
  • External timber or aluminium insect screens.
  • Large range of glass-timber or aluminium blade types.
  • The option of Electronic Power Louvre Gallery (insert link). Operates opting blades with the flick of a switch.
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