Casement Timber Windows

Hinged at the side and opening outwards the timber casement is a classic style window with modern functionality

Familiar as a traditional Australian verandah window the Teal timber casement window is far from outdated and is often the preferred choice for heritage and architectural restorations or additions to classic homes.

Casement windows are also used on new homes especially in applications where control of airflow is important. The great advantage of the Teal Casement window is the ability to angle the sash or window from closed to 90 degrees to catch even the soft summer breeze from any direction.

Teal casement windows utilize heavy duty friction stays. Hardware can be fitted in solid brass, chrome, satin chrome and some powder coat colours.

Insect protection is easily added as internal hinged opening or retractable or fixed with winder screens.


  • Locks fitted.
  • Friction Stays for holding sash open.
  • Open to 90 degrees for maximum ventilation.
  • Fully sealed to ensure complete weatherproofing.


  • Sill extensions if required.
  • Custom variations and design.
  • Variety of hardware styles and colours.
  • Federation or Colonial bar or custom design.
  • Internal Timber or Aluminium insect screens. Variety of mesh to choose from.
  • Large range of glazing choices including Low-E and Double Glaze sealed units etc.
  • Insect screens can be fitted as internal hinged opening or retractable or fixed with winder.
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