Fire Ratings

Teal timber windows and doors can be installed in bushfire zones subject to the level of bushfire risk (BAL) and the assessment of that risk by a qualified certifier or bushfire consultant (BPAD – Bushfire Planning & Design). Information about building in bushfire rated areas and the location of BPAD certifiers can be found at individual Australian state Bushfire Services websites and the Fire Protection Association Australia website (

Bushfire Zones and Urban & Rural Areas

A property located in an urban area may be subject to the Bushfire Code (AS3959) if it is situated near a national park or bushland. Properties located in rural areas may also be subject to the Bushfire Code depending on the property’s circumstance.

Teal recommends all property owners establish whether or not their property is subject to the Bushfire Code before commencing building design. If the property is subject to the code Teal strongly recommends a BPAD certifier be consulted before the building design process is commenced. Buildings not designed to the Bushfire Code are unlikely to meet state and local government certification requirements for habitation. The level of Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) assigned to a property determines the specification of timber windows and doors that can be used in buildings. The BAL also influences the positioning of the windows and doors used in a building.

Bushfire Code and Property Owners

The Bushfire Code typically applies to all new buildings and proposed extensions to and/or renovation of existing buildings.

Bushfire Attack Level - BAL Description of Predicted Bushfire Attack
BAL - Low There is insufficient risk to warrant specific construction requirements
BAL - 12.5 Low level of risk. Ember attack
BAL - 19 Moderate level of risk
BAL - 29 High level of risk
BAL - 40 Very high level of risk
BAL - FZ Extreme level of risk. Direct exposure to flames from fire front

Using Teal Timber Windows and Doors in Bushfire Zones

Teal timber windows and doors are certified to be installed in bushfire zones up to Australian Standard BAL 29.

The Bushfire Attack Level or BAL assigned to a property determines the design of Teal timber windows and doors. The BAL determines which timber species Teal timber windows and doors can be manufactured from and the type of glass and screen mesh incorporated into the windows and doors. Teal designs timber windows and doors within BAL restrictions to meet approval by BPAD certifiers and achieve the architectural appearance desired by customers.

Teal Timber Window and Door Design

All Teal timber windows and doors are initially designed to Australian Standard AS-2047. Further design modifications are then incorporated to meet the Bushfire Code AS-3959 depending on the BAL assessment of a property or building project.

Further information can found at Wadic.

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